Our New Orleans bachelor party strippers are ready to entertain! The ORIGINAL top-rated stripping company, Bachelor Party New Orleans, was established in 2007, and we provide quality adult entertainment to New Orleans and surrounding areas. No need to settle for imposters who simply can't compete with us! We provide the largest, finest selection of female strippers; therefore, our customers are 100% satisfied and continue to book with us. Whether you desire an on-the-road party bus experience or prefer a bachelor party at the location of your choice, Bachelor Party New Orleans' entertainers will exceed all of your expectations. While we specialize in bachelor parties, we also offer services for any event that demands the finest exotic dancers. All are top grade, beautiful, intelligent ladies, so be sure to contact us and book your next event.

Booking A New Orleans Bachelor Party Has Never Been Easier

Our website makes it easy to book your New Orleans bachelor party entertainment. We respect your privacy and offer convenient payment options. Simply click the red "Book Now" button at the top of any page on our site. Not quite sure what you're looking for? Browse our services page, and once you're ready, you can click on any package to book it. After you enter your information and the details about your party's location, you will proceed to the payment options. A deposit is required, and we urge you to contact us beforehand if you have any questions about our package prices and/or deposit amounts, which vary. Our phone lines are also always open for booking shows, so please don't hesitate to call or send us a message if you need any assistance. Please note this in not an escort service and we do not provide this type of service.

About our Pricing & Policies

Our prices do not include tips, which are mandatory throughout the performance. Deposits are mandatory for booking services and reserving the date and time for your party. The deposit amount is subtracted from the total amount, which must be paid in full upon arrival of your entertainment. Dancers perform in pairs at the same time. If you would like rates on additional time, submit an inquiry at the bottom of our site. Once information is filled out on the booking form, your party is set in stone. Entertainers are guaranteed to arrive.

Forget the Strip Club!

We are much better than a Strip Club, so please check us out before hitting up the clubs. Why? Here are some reasons to book your New Orleans bachelor party with us.

  • More intimate setting than a strip club
  • No overpriced drinks
  • Toy shows - double dong and vibrators
  • Girly shows
  • No entry fee
  • Travel to any location
  • Convenient
  • 2 girls for the price of one at a strip club
  • Great way to surprise your bachelor for his last night of freedom

Bachelor Party Specialties

We offer the following games in addition to our standard packages:

  • "Dollar Buffet"-The lucky bachelor puts dollar bills on the girl anywhere he wants, takes them off with his teeth and puts them in the tip jar.
  • "Hide and Seek"-The girls leave the room and the guests hide bills in various places on the bachelor... The girls will have to find them, using their mouths.
  • "Bunny Tails"-- The girl puts whipped cream on her butt, like a bunny tail, then tells the bachelor to lick it off.
  • "Pin the Tail on he Stripper" - It's like pin the tail on the donkey; only difference is a stripper is in it's place.
  • Strap on show is available upon request. Please request service when booking.